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Blossomwood Pool is a members only organization with
limited memberships. Becoming a member requires membership
availability, buying a one-time Stock Fee of $700, and paying Annual Dues.

To inquire about membership please contact Colleen Samples at
Blossomwood Pool Membership Options

Full Membership – $700 One Time Stock Fee – $575 Annual Dues
Single/Senior Membership
– $500 One Time Stock Fee – $250 Annual Dues

This is for singles with no children under the age of 18 living in the home or senior adults age 55 and older.

Double Membership – $500 One Time Stock Fee – $300 Annual Dues
This is for couples with no children or a single parent with one child.

Stock Policy Update 2022
In order to have accurate accounting AND all members waivers on file as necessary for our by-laws/policies, we are requiring the sale of memberships go through the board.  For those interested in selling your membership, we ask that you email our membership director at:

You, as a member, MUST be in good standing in order to receive your stock fee. The term "good standing" applies when the members dues have been paid continuously from your time as a member.  The pool will issue a check for your stock fee only if you are in good standing.
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