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Meet Closings and Pool Updates

Here are a few pool updates:

  • Please check the lost and found for any items you may have left!  On Friday June 21 all towels will be donated to New Leash on Life.  Please get items before then.

  • Please be sure to clean up your area when you leave the pool.  Please also remind your children to clean up after themselves.  This is your pool and I know you would not leave garbage around at your homes like we have had at the pool!

  • Look for details in this week for an opportunity to have a reserved table or parking space for July 4th!  We will be having a raffle for these items to raise some funds to replace furniture around the pool.

  • We have some exciting changes coming for the tennis court area.  We will have more details soon.

  • If you have not paid your dues, access to the pool will be denied.  It is not fair to our dues paying members for you to have access if you have not paid.

Please let me now if you have any issues or concerns!

Scott Swing

Blossomwood Pool President



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